We need to diversify our economy and provide strong economic prosperity for all Nevadans. Nevada is primed to take off in renewable energies and if elected Jennie Sherwood will thrust this industry into high gear. With a strong education plan that prepares Nevadans for the jobs we have now and all the ones soon to come. A supply of skill talent will attract new business to the state and open us up to manufacturing and other innovating trades. 

               Corporate tax codes shall be written to favor Nevada businesses first, not be tax haven for companies that don't spend their dollars here. Nevada should get their fair cut or businesses are more than welcome to move their jobs to Nevada. 

          We must also address the shrinking of the middle class, and raise the minimum wage. A bustling middle class provides a strong and profitable economy for all and for many years to come. We must lead the nation in standard of living and eliminate the phrase "working poor." No one should work a full time job and not be able to care for themselves, more or less a loved one. Work in the USA use to be dignified. You work, you earn a living. I will bring dignity back into our labor market.


         There is no way we will bring the jobs we are primed to receive in Nevada without a serious revamping to our education. Ranking at the bottom of the nation brings great shame to me, especially when I see such intelligent, hardworking youth not reaching their potential. Nevada can do better and will  if Jennie Sherwood is elected. Our funding will immediately get a small boost  with the Rainy Day Funds that was already promised to our schools. They shall be added to our budget asap plus new funds raised.

        Not all our education shortcomings is from funding alone, even though it's a big part. We need to unleash the true talent our educators possess and give them the freedom to teach and connect with our children. Our districts are so over burden with testing and performance reviews, no one has time to truly teach. 

       Our curriculum is outdated and doesn't adequately prepare our students for life in today's world. A high school diploma doesn't even get you in college, that should be a minimum standard. Don't you agree? Our children need to learn how to critically think and analyze.  They need to learn how to deal with the normal complications of life, from how credit works to how to navigate the justice system. Nevada needs well informed citizenry to build Nevada into the powerhouse we are set to be.

          We need to increase our trade schooling in high school and beyond. To provide our youth options for diverse careers, and allow adults to strengthen their job prospects. Skilled talent is a requirement for companies to be able to build and grow here. Jennie Sherwood will foster that talent.


       Healthcare has many facets, from insurance to in home care. Everyone of these positions are under stress in Nevada. We hear we need "affordable healthcare" but what does that really mean? Most of our leaders focus on 1 or 2 things. The cost of insurance premiums and prescription drug cost. I guess everything in between is just fine and dandy??? NO, It's not. Yes premiums are outrageously high, but why? It is not because of Obama Care, more likely it is because our health is a for profit industry.     

          Healthcare providers are not centrally focus on making and keeping people healthy. Their central focus is how can they increase profits. We spend more on healthcare per citizen in this country, than anywhere else in the world, yet, we don't even live the longest. I like to at least get my money's  worth. Frankly, all of us are getting rip off. 

      There should be price guidelines on medical care and procedures, plus have a transparent pricing  available at every hospital. Patients should have a general idea of how much it will cost to get them healthy again, before they receive the bill. Even better, before they even need care. Your insurance should be up front with what they will actually pay. There is a lot of secret pricing involve, with wild variations. Patients and/or consumers deserve to know whats being paid.       


Healthcare Cont...

        We can start with taking health insurance out of the hands of human resource managers. When you stop to think about it, it seems a little strange that it's your place of employment that decides your healthcare needs. The cost of that employer base insurance that is paid by the employer shall transfer right over to the employees regular base pay. Everyone then purchases off an individual market, while Employer Health insurance companies will switch to the individual market also, which will drive competition. A big step but a good start to addressing some of our healthcare issues. 

             Our choice for care is extremely limited here in Nevada. There's not near enough doctors, specialist, or supporting healthcare staff to fulfill our pressing healthcare needs. Aggressive recruitment and training will be a necessity. I am ready to hit the ground running so we can bring the necessary talent to Nevada. 

             That includes proper mental health specialist that are required to serve an ever increasing scrooge on society. Between the opioid crisis, working long hours, never getting paid enough, and constantly stressing to make ends meet, we need proper mental care. Life can be rough even when its good. Sometimes we can use a little outside help to get a handle on things again. Let's make sure we are providing proper mental health care and access to it, for all Nevadans.  




       Our homeless population continues to grow year after year, to the point it is now becoming part of the landscape. This is unacceptable. There's has to be more we can do beside feed the homeless for a day and maybe give them a place to sleep for the night. It's not good enough, our model is not solving or preventing homelessness. Time for a change on how we tackle this issue, without costing the tax payers an arm and an leg.

         I have a solution for transitional housing for any & all homeless persons needing to get off the streets. A cost effective way to give the ones who need it, an address, a shower, and access to social services anyone qualifies for.  A safe place to call almost home, where people can have a place to hang all day & sleep at night without being  in the way of the rest of the community, and costing taxpayers a fortune.  

           A place where we can bring healthcare and social services to the people who can't go to them. Good Samaritans will always be welcome to visit or donate whatever they may want. This can save a heck out of our city resources and put a big dent into the population of homeless people. Not to mention clean up all the neighborhoods from popup tent cities and endless street corners of the needy. 

Justice Reform

         Are we always going to be the country with the most prisoners? Are we always going to pay to lock people away, with no rehabilitation, forever? Are we always going to have to lock our doors at night and pay endless amounts of money for protection?  Is this the best we can do? Or just maybe we can actually come up with ways of eliminating crime and rehabilitate criminals.

         I have concrete solutions, and educations is a huge part of the equation. If you are sentence to prison, you should come out better than when you went in, don't you think? Our prison system is just an endless cycle of housing. When you leave the prison system, it's more likely  than not,  you will be back. Let's give prisoners  something to work towards, for a better life on the outside, to become a productive member of society. We must educate, train and heal the wounds of criminal behavior. Only then can we start curing the ills of a criminal society. 


Justice Reform Cont... 

During the prison stay isn't the only area that needs bettering. Rethinking how we deal with drug addiction, and taking the prison sentence off the table, is a must. It's a little cruel to me in the first place to be criminalizing an addiction, but that's what we do. Many community dollars get eaten up from the scrooge of addiction and yet the cycle never gets broken. Let's free up the justice system, from the men and women who wear the uniform to long prison stays for a mental disorder and start treating the actual problem and not just the symptoms.

      Justice reforms doesn't start with the courts and end with the prisons. Use of deadly force can't not be talked about. Policing needs to be safer for the men and women who serve our communities everyday and to the citizens who rely on those officers to keep them safe. All of us need to get together and face this issue head on. Our officers are on the front lines of every dangerous situation that arises in our community, with little to no training on how to handle mentally  Officers need proper training to be able to safely handled and contain dangerous individuals without endangering their own lives or anyone else's. All communities need to be able to trust law enforcement and vice versa, for us to work together to stamp out crime. We can do this.

Gun Safety 

  A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed

     This is always a hot topic, but I don't quite understand why. It seems people on both sides of the debate would like to make sure the 'bad guys' don't get of hold of  deadly firearms. Is that fair to say? I think we can make great strides in that goal if we take gun ownership a little more serious, and take a few extra steps to make sure every gun owner is safe and responsible. Is that too much to ask?  All across the United States criminals find unfettered access to guns. We should at least make it a little bit harder for people that have bad intentions to try to find access to a gun. Law abiding, responsible gun owners seemed to have no problem getting a background check. Is it too much to ask for everyone looking to own a gun to have a background check? Is it too much to require guns owners to safely store and lock there firearms so they are not accessible to thieves and children? These are the steps I already take as a gun owner and most responsible gun owners already do. Having a requirement for safe storage and proper knowledge of your weapon will help cut down on accidental deaths. That's a good start. It will also cut down dramatically on the number of firearms stolen. Let's at least make those thieves work for those weapons, no more easy access. Keeping innocence people from being shot should be a bi-partisan issue that both sides can find common ground on. Nevadans already spoke when they voted for tighter background checks, but they still have yet be implemented. If I am so fortunate to serve AD2, I will make saving our children a top priority of the 2019 legislature.


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