Loving Summerlin Since 2003.

There is no place like home. Ever since moving to Summerlin 15 years ago, I will never call another community home. By far Assembly District 2 is the most beautiful district in the Valley.


I couldn't ask for a better sister. This is one hard working mom, and she still finds time to give me all of her support. She's the best!

Women's Democratic Club Forum

Was really excited to get the chance to share my ideals on healthcare for Nevada. Best audience ever!!!

2018 Speed Meet the Candidate

Thanks to Clark County Dems, I was able to get to know a little  about the voters, and hopefully  they were able to get to know a little about me.

2016 Debates Las Vegas

Had to be one of the best nights of my life. Jesse Jackson was such a true gentleman. Thanks for the pic!

Canvass Mobile

Keep a look out for the Canvassing Mobile. Coming Soon to neighborhood in Assembly District 2

PEEK-A-BOO Tamiko Sees You

A True desert dog. Tamiko has been running all of the Las Vegas desert since 2011. 

Thank You My Fellow Union Family

This is how you win elections. Getting all your supporters together to go meet new supporters. I couldn't ask for a better group of fans.

This Family is the Best!

Time and time again, my family goes above and beyond any reasonable expectation. Thanks again.