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"Genius doesn't come from normal, embrace what makes you unique."

Jennie Sherwood - Just Now!  ; )

About Jennie Sherwood

A thread in the fabric of the Las Vegas Valley since 1982 and Summerlin since 2003

               The saying goes that "it never rains in Las Vegas"; maybe someone should have told the weather that. As my family drove into town we were greeted by flash floods, golf ball size hail, and endless cars stuck under the Charleston Underpass. With this first impression, the idea that it never rains in Vegas became hard to believe. I will never forget the snow in the Sierras and throughout the Rockies, so much so that Lake Mead was about to spill right over the top of Hoover Dam. I am still looking forward to the day when once again I can watch "The Hoover" open up her flood gates and release those mighty rapids down the rocky banks of the Colorado river. This is an optimistic thought, I know. Nevertheless, the opening of the Hoover's gates was an awesome sight for anyone to witness; especially a five year-old who was apprehensive about her new surroundings. It changed my tune about the desert and spurred my path to being so proud to call Nevada home. I have learned, worked, lived and breathed the desert life for over 35 years. There is no other place I can imagine calling home. Nevada gave me my life, my identity, and everything I know. What I am most grateful for in this chosen desert life is my husband, Cooper, he has truly been the greatest gift of all. I thank you Las Vegas, Nevada.

             My foundation begins with an education in Las Vegas as a kindergartner at Ruby Thomas Elementary. This school was pretty much smack dab right in the heart of Vegas at the time. My first weekend in Vegas, Mom and Dad thought it would be a good idea to go for a little walk...I laugh now at the idea of what "little" was. They dragged my brother Ian and I down the whole famous Las Vegas Strip until I was so tired I needed to ride and my dad's shoulders all the way back home. The walk felt strenuous to me as a child but I was in utter amazement! I could not believe how big and bright our great city was! The endless flashing neon lights racing up "The Dunes" sign, then back down again was mesmerizing! The chasing bulbs continuously going around and around the buildings had me in awe. Who would have thought that fourteen years later it would be me putting all those flashing neon and chasing bulbs to work? I spent twelve years lighting up Las Vegas as a IBEW #357 JourneyWoman Electrician. I was proudly elected Unit III Chairperson for my union, leading my fellow brothers and sisters through three successful contract negotiations. I was honored to attend The Rocky Mountain Labor School and learn how to better represent my Unit. I work hard to find great success here in Vegas, and now I want to bring those same kind of opportunities for success to all Nevadans.

              I stand before you now, offering up my skills and knowledge to add to the State Assembly, doing my part to bring better opportunities to my fellow Nevadans. This is far from just a job for me that I am going for; it is jobs for all Nevadans. I understand the magnitude of this being your job on the line within your District 2 and I want to represent you to my fullest potential by being the legislator you deserve to have. I am someone that will respond to your issue, listen to your problems, consider your ideas, and then make things happen. When you elect me, Jennie Sherwood, for State Assemble District 2, you will have a direct voice in the legislature. I will always find time for each and every one of my constituents. Rather than working selfishly for me, let me work selflessly for all of you and on behalf of every Nevadan. Please VOTE JENNIE SHERWOOD for State Assembly District 2 and upgrade Nevada's standard of living.  


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